Secretary Message

Al-Ameen Educational Society. Group of Institutions has an Elongated and Proud Ritual of Academic and Research Excellence. Al-Ameen Educational Society. Institutions Have A Vivacious Multi-Ethnic Community of Students. At our Campuses, you can choose from Graduate and Post Graduate Degree Courses Across a Wide Range of Disciplines.

Al-Ameen College of Education is a Progressive Educational Institution, dedicated to the Pursuit of Excellence. Aspirants are Encouraged on this Journey by Our Intellectual Faculty, World-Class Facilities and Student-Friendly Educational Systems.

Graduate in the multi-ethnicity disciplines is a customary prerequisite, but with specialization in education degree, we provide Educationist to the nation. This Group is known for its academic excellence. We accept the best and most brilliant students purely on their academic merit and their curiosity for the course they want to study. Our aim is to encourage you to become a creative professional and connect you to an exciting and rewarding career.

At Al-Ameen College of Education., a core program of study is proposed not only for attaining knowledge but also to support students’ spiritual, moral, and creative development to prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities, and understanding of life.
Our mission is to bring top-notch research and education, enlightening our alumnae to become future leaders and innovators.
Al-Ameen Educational Society. Group of Colleges are able-bodied reputed Institutions for delivering friendly, high quality education with the support of industrial experts. Each year, more than 3500 students find a warm and welcoming environment at Al-Ameen Educational Society. Group of Institutions and come across an intellectual climate in which they are encouraged to excel.

Welcome! Join our hands………It’s an enormous walk towards employment and securing your future. I hope as Future Teachers You Will Enrich the Nation by Preparing Real Nation Builders.

Mr. Zubair Anwar

Honorary. Secretary